AIRBRONE and Expo At VNIT,Nagpur

Our company, Dream Innovators, proudly executed a captivating drone airshow as part of the AIRBORNE event hosted at VNIT College, Nagpur. This event featured an exhilarating display of multiple drones performing thrilling and breathtaking aerial stunts. In addition to the mesmerizing airshow, we also showcased our cutting-edge drones and innovative technology during a two-day exhibition at the college expo. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of drone technology was on full display, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Drone and Aeromodelling Demonstration at school

We proudly presented live demonstrations of our operational drone models, introducing attendees to the diverse world of UAVs. As part of our community engagement, we organized a fun and educational boomerang paper plane-making activity, tailored for kids. It was an enriching experience to introduce the young minds of a remote village to the fascinating world of drone technology for the very first time.

Interaction with Ultra Light Aeromodelling Pioneer of India

Indian Navy Commander (Retd) T R Ananthanarayanan, who is a leading aeromodelling expert,he had introduced the ultra-light aeromodelling first time in India.
He had demonstrated us his various ultralight models, and introduced to different aspects of it.

Kshitij 2020 at IIT Kharagpur: Second Place Winner at Boeing National Aeromodelling Competition

Kshitij 2020 at IIT Kharagpur: Second Place Winner at Boeing National Aeromodelling Competition

In 2020, at Kshitij, the annual techno-management symposium organized by IIT Kharagpur, our team achieved a remarkable milestone. We participated in the prestigious Boeing National Aeromodelling Competition and proudly secured the 2nd position. This recognition not only showcased our dedication to innovation but also highlighted our commitment to excellence in aeromodelling.

Flying High at Techfest 2020: Dream Innovators Secure 4th Position in Boeing National Aeromodelling Competition

In a remarkable showcase of innovation and engineering prowess, the talented team from Dream Innovators achieved a remarkable milestone at Techfest 2020, hosted by the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. The event was none other than the renowned Boeing National Aeromodelling competition, where students from all over the country gather to push the boundaries of aeronautical engineering.